The Genesis of Cerebral Dad

It was a dark and stormy night… OK, we don’t have to go that far back.

What got me in to Tinkering? Home ownership. Even the RC stuff? Yup!

Wait a minute?!?

OK, let me explain. When we bought a house, we knew there would be work that needed to be done, but when we researched actually getting it done – there was no way we could afford anything. The only thing we could afford was the cost of materials. It was depressing.

Even though I was scared I tried doing the work myself. It actually wasn’t that hard and as an added bonus; nothing blew up. That was a boost to confidence.

Then, I’ve always been interested in RC (anything). Buying models was always out of the question because of the price and all the risks involved. I then polled on my new instinct and started to think of the easiest way to build and fly my own.

The real tinkering came about when I wanted to fly my plane as a “First Person Pilot” later to be known as FPV. Here is one of my first Youtube videos:

I was already proficient at coding, but now I could “make things work!” And I was hooked.

You can see more of my videos on my Youtube channel.

IMG_1147I was so addicted to learning that I began learning so much, I soon had the knowledge to create my own circuit boards that did anything I wanted them to do. (This one connects to Bluetooth).

So in an effort to save money I started learning the things that I thought I needed to, to get what I wanted and needed done.

I have yet to learn how to make money… any help in that regard is much appreciated.

To be continued…

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