Grill Glitter Universal Seasoning Rub

Deep Flavored Seasoning Blend With A “Spicy Sparkle,” developed by CerebralDad!

Gluten free, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or glitter and is all natural.

No pressure, but if you want a bottle of Grill Glitter now is the time (seriously).
I would definitely order now as supplies are limited!

Free Shipping with code SpicySparkle2022

Orders are in limited quantity per batch – it’s strongly recommended everyone pre-orders between batches! Thank you for your continued support ~Keith aka CerebralDad.


Whether you’re a pit-boss serving world class BBQ to the masses or the family grill-master cooking a perfectly seared steak at home. Grill Glitter will give your meals a boost from the ordinary to extraordinary. A perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spicy that enhances meat and fish, veggies and side dishes. Grill Glitter USR makes it easy to cook like a pro and look like a hero! Guaranteed to get flavor everywhere (even after you vacuum three or four times – joking)!

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