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Grill Glitter Porkchops!

Porkchops are interesting because they can dry out quickly if you’re not watching them carefully. But if they are done right, they can be super juicy and delicious. These are my Grill Glitter Porkchops!

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Grill Glitter Wings!

Wings have to be one of my favorite foods because you can alter the flavor profile so easily from garlic, hot habanero, to smoky BBQ or jerk seasoned. I feel they are the one food that can fit any mood and are quick and easy to make. Especially these Grill Glitter Wings!

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Grill Glitter Beef!

This one is a simple one. The recipe calls for your favorite cut of steak, I like a nice thick New York cut (1.5-2in 5cm). At this point preheat your grill to 400+F (205+C). We are going to sear the steak in the first cooking step, so prepare your station now.

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Got a Box Of Awesome Geeky Stuff! Unboxing Part 1

I ordered a few things on amazon to help with my DIY projects; This is one of three deliveries. I finally ordered something I really wanted for a long time!

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Intro To My DIY Projects

First off, sorry for the lighting. This is a little video to catch you up on a few projects that I’ve been working on, testing out the new camera and

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Path to PPG: This is what I mean by “Flying Family!”

My friends at Flite Test really know how to pick ’em. I’m excited about what the next year brings, especially if its an experience like this! Join me on my

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