Garlic Coconut Pork chop, Grilled Sweet Potato with Rock salt and Grilled Shrimp

Well that was good!

IMG_2210Pork chop:

Minced garlic
Coconut oil
Lemon pepper



Pepper (white)
Lemon Juice
Olive oil


Sweet Potato:IMG_2209

Olive oil




IMG_2206In keeping with the instruction on “The Art of the Sear,” we let the meat bleed on the grill to caramelize the outside. and immediately bring it to the top shelf to roast. One important note – Pork is less dense then beef and therefore needs less time to achieve the same result. Pork is best served medium-well (I’ll have more about meat temperatures in a later post).

Roast the Sweet Potato until you think its burnt (not charred) and fork tender on the inside. Fork tender means the fork can pierce all the way through with little pressure.

Grilling Shrimp is a delicate thing. Relatively speaking, they don’t take very long; this is the only time I’m going to say this – don’t sear them. We are going to roast them, keeping them moving until they have a golden crispy edge and are completely pink on all sides.

You’re going to want to start the Potatoes before the Pork and finish with the shrimp so that everything is done at the same time.

Potatoes – 30 min. serving 4
Pork – 13 min. serving 4
Shrimp – 6-8 min serving 4 (32 count)


Happy Grilling!

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