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Grill Glitter Wings!

Wings have to be one of my favorite foods because you can alter the flavor profile so easily from garlic, hot habanero, to smoky BBQ or jerk seasoned. I feel they are the one food that can fit any mood and are quick and easy to make. Especially these Grill Glitter Wings!

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The Cerebral Dad Show: The Genesis of Cerebral Dad – Episode 1

Thank you for listening The Cerebral Dad Show! I hope you enjoyed my first episode. I talked about what makes me “Cerebral Dad.” A couple of projects in the pipeline,

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A Day In The Life of Cerebral Dad – The Aquarium

This week was dedicated to doing fun things with the kids. On this day we went to the aquarium. I didn’t take many pictures, to which at first I was

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Cerebral Dad partners with Blue Apron!

What an exciting and unexpected announcement! My very first partnership! Cerebral Dad has partnered with Blue Apron. Their mission is “to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.” They are

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A Day in the Life of Cerebral Dad – The Morning Routine

Let’s count it down from the beginning (true story): 5:53 am – 1 year old daughter is awake and screaming 4 year old son’s name. Father pretends not to hear

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The Genesis of Cerebral Dad

It was a dark and stormy night… OK, we don’t have to go that far back. What got me in to Tinkering? Home ownership. Even the RC stuff? Yup! Wait a minute?!?

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