A Day In The Life of Cerebral Dad – The Aquarium

This week was dedicated to doing fun things with the kids. On this day we went to the aquarium. I didn’t take many pictures, to which at first I was disappointed at how unprepared I was, but then I thought – screw it! I had a great time!

Logan’s Aunt and Uncle got him a stuffed penguin his last visit to the Aquarium, he calls “Slidey.” Slidey was reunited with his cousins today!


Madelyn had a great time too! She loved the fact that the animals were moving and reacting to the children watching. It was a joy seeing the smile on her face!


She especially liked when the penguins shook their buts after a nice swim.

What a great time!

Like I said, I didn’t take many pictures this time. We got to see everything from tropical fish to the sharks feeding! The sharks were a bit overwhelming for the kids – but they were still amazed at their size.

Until the next booty shaking adventure…


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