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A Day In The Life of Cerebral Dad – The Aquarium

This week was dedicated to doing fun things with the kids. On this day we went to the aquarium. I didn’t take many pictures, to which at first I was

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Brainy Bites – Apple Cookies

It takes a bit of imagination to get the children to eat healthy. But, sometimes calling something by a different name works wonders too. Let’s make some “Apple cookies” for

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Flite Fest 2016 Aerial Tour

Thanks to the guys a FTAfterhours, I was able to put together this aerial tour of Flite Fest 2016. Enjoy! What a Great Event! Please share my blog with your

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Flite Fest Combat!

Flite Fest is a massive event of awesomeness, with 60-80 planes in the air at any given time – especially during combat! Combat is like bumper cars with RC airplanes;

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London Broil

Preparing London Broil is less about the seasoning and more about the cooking process and service prep. London Broil is a really tough meat and it can stay tough throughout the

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Lake House Ribs

A few weeks ago the family went up visit my uncle on the lake. One night he cooked these amazing ribs that I now call “Lake House Ribs.” He and

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