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Tinkering – The Micro Tricopter

About a year ago I was looking to get a micro tricopter to fly in the yard. I dont have much space to fly so I needed something small and agile.

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Dad Tech – Water Balloon Parachute

I’m all about simple and easy things to do with the kids. I found this jewel searching the web. To make your own water balloon parachute you’ll need a filled water

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Flite Fest – a walk down the flight line.

A friend Nic Lechner (Nerdnic) composed this video – it shows the organized chaos of the flight line at Flite Fest 2016. Thanks for putting this together Nic! Visit Nic

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credit - James Macius

Flite Fest 2016

Every year, the population of a small town in Ohio doubles! And a giant family gets together for a family reunion – well, that’s what it feels like anyway. Flite Fest isn’t

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Sweet BBQ Loin Chops and Zesty Zucchini

Loin chops are absolutely delicious! This evening, I took it up a notch with my off-the-cuff sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.   Sweet BBQ Sauce: Salt Pepper Brown Sugar Chili

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Poor man’s clam sauce

I say poor man’s clam sauce only because there are a few more expensive ingredients missing- I’ll list everything below but if it says (optional) and it happens to be

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