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To Marinate or Not to Marinate – It’s not really a question…

It’s a common misnomer that a marinade will automatically add flavor to meat, especially if left to sit long enough. There is a science to it and not all marinades

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Double Oven Chicken with Shishito Peppers

If you like crockpot meals – this is like one with a “participation award.” We are going to have to cook a bit before we “set it and forget it.”

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Roast Beef

Roast Beef is made from Eye Round roast. A well seasoned roast beef is delicious. In this recipe we use a rub for a mild flavor at service. Keep in

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London Broil

Preparing London Broil is less about the seasoning and more about the cooking process and service prep. London Broil is a really tough meat and it can stay tough throughout the

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Lake House Ribs

A few weeks ago the family went up visit my uncle on the lake. One night he cooked these amazing ribs that I now call “Lake House Ribs.” He and

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Sweet BBQ Loin Chops and Zesty Zucchini

Loin chops are absolutely delicious! This evening, I took it up a notch with my off-the-cuff sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.   Sweet BBQ Sauce: Salt Pepper Brown Sugar Chili

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