Brainy Bites – Apple Cookies

It takes a bit of imagination to get the children to eat healthy. But, sometimes calling something by a different name works wonders too. Let’s make some “Apple cookies” for the kids.

These can be made with any combination of fruit and toppings – they really hit the spot after playing hard in the yard. Here’s how it’s done:

Apple Cookies:

Apple (any type)
Peanut Butter
Fun Topping (Chocolate Chips)

Cut the Apple into discs similar to the shape of a cookie. You’re going to want to get rid of the core – I used a pastry tip. Spread a generous portion of peanut butter and top with the kids’ favorite topping. I used chocolate chips, you could use Honey or even mini marshmallows.

Comment below and let me know the interesting combination of toppings you used!

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