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Dad Tech – Water Balloon Parachute

I’m all about simple and easy things to do with the kids. I found this jewel searching the web. To make your own water balloon parachute you’ll need a filled water

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Flite Fest – a walk down the flight line.

A friend Nic Lechner (Nerdnic) composed this video – it shows the organized chaos of the flight line at Flite Fest 2016. Thanks for putting this together Nic! Visit Nic

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credit - James Macius

Flite Fest 2016

Every year, the population of a small town in Ohio doubles! And a giant family gets together for a family reunion – well, that’s what it feels like anyway. Flite Fest isn’t

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Dad tech – A new segment dedicated to stimulating young minds

As an Apple developer it pains me to say this, but in the world of “i gadgets,” its easy to turn our young ones brains to mush. In this segment

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