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Building a Robot – Assembling a Wish List

After sourcing the motors from eBay, I started to think about the basic features “The Robot” will have, and quickly started to make up a wish list of parts. The

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BMW supporting 2016 US Olympic Swim Team with Technology Upgrade

BMW sensors and software developed for automotive functions are now helping the US Olympic Swim Team by analyzing their startup and turning underwater, a critical aspect of the competition measured

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Dad Tech – Build A Model Robotic Hand

I’ve been looking for something to do with Logan to start explaining how things work. I found this on the web: Supplies include: cardboard scissors utility knife bendable straws string

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Cerebral Dad Swag

  Thank you all for the support, and helping me start a new blog! Over the next few months I would like to start funding some interesting projects, but I’m

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Flite Fest 2016 Aerial Tour

Thanks to the guys a FTAfterhours, I was able to put together this aerial tour of Flite Fest 2016. Enjoy! What a Great Event! Please share my blog with your

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Flite Fest Combat!

Flite Fest is a massive event of awesomeness, with 60-80 planes in the air at any given time – especially during combat! Combat is like bumper cars with RC airplanes;

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