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The Cerebral Dad Show – Just JoKing Around – Episode 3

What a great interview! This week I’m joined by Josiah James (jokesbyjo), the star of the latest animated series on YouTube, Just JoKing. Jo, is a comedian, father and fellow tech nerd like myself.

We talk about some of his inspiration for the series, father hood and his appearance on The Big Picture RT. He also shares his latest bits and teases upcoming Just JoKing episodes!

Josiah and I have been friends for quite a few years, so I hope you enjoy some of our witty banter.

The Big Picture RT interview


Just JoKing on Patreon


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The Cerebral Dad Show: The Genesis of Cerebral Dad – Episode 1

Thank you for listening The Cerebral Dad Show! I hope you enjoyed my first episode. I talked about what makes me “Cerebral Dad.” A couple of projects in the pipeline, like “The Robot,” the Dragonfly and possibly a beer project.

My apologies for the background noise – new and improved equipment is coming soon.


The Robot:
Building a Robot Gathering and Planning
Assembling a Wish List

The Dragonfly

Flite Test:
Aerial Tour Flite Fest 2016

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