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The Cerebral Dad Show: The Genesis of Cerebral Dad – Episode 1

Thank you for listening The Cerebral Dad Show! I hope you enjoyed my first episode. I talked about what makes me “Cerebral Dad.” A couple of projects in the pipeline, like “The Robot,” the Dragonfly and possibly a beer project.

My apologies for the background noise – new and improved equipment is coming soon.


The Robot:
Building a Robot Gathering and Planning
Assembling a Wish List

The Dragonfly

Flite Test:
Aerial Tour Flite Fest 2016

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A Day In The Life of Cerebral Dad – The Aquarium

This week was dedicated to doing fun things with the kids. On this day we went to the aquarium. I didn’t take many pictures, to which at first I was disappointed at how unprepared I was, but then I thought – screw it! I had a great time!

Logan’s Aunt and Uncle got him a stuffed penguin his last visit to the Aquarium, he calls “Slidey.” Slidey was reunited with his cousins today!


Madelyn had a great time too! She loved the fact that the animals were moving and reacting to the children watching. It was a joy seeing the smile on her face!


She especially liked when the penguins shook their buts after a nice swim.

What a great time!

Like I said, I didn’t take many pictures this time. We got to see everything from tropical fish to the sharks feeding! The sharks were a bit overwhelming for the kids – but they were still amazed at their size.

Until the next booty shaking adventure…


Cerebral Dad partners with Blue Apron!

What an exciting and unexpected announcement! My very first partnership!

Cerebral Dad has partnered with Blue Apron. Their mission is “to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.” They are also a great source to find the hard-to-find ingredients you watch online cooking shows use and think, “That looks amazing, but I cant get any of that stuff at my grocery store!”

Cerebral Dad will be able to post using exciting new ingredients! I don’t use recipes, but If I did they have some pretty amazing dishes!

I’m also going to be able to offer you great new deals, like: 2 Meals Free on Your First Blue Apron Order.

Blue Apron has great relationships with local farmers to bring you the freshest ingredients, when you need them. I’m not just saying that to brown nose – I actually find it amazing!

In a future segment “Cerebral Dad Live” we can make something together! It’s a segment where you get to see my ugly mug and we get to make something amazing together with a focus on segments of the site, like Brainy Bites, Dad Tech or just Grilling and Cooking!

What do you want to cook?

$20 Off Your First Blue Apron Order

Slight Disclaimer: Affiliate partnerships like this one is how CerebralDad.com will make an income. I promise I wont be obtuse, and I’ll only make affiliations I think are interesting and beneficial to my readers (wherever you are). So if you see I’m being annoying about it, call me out – otherwise thank you for your support and don’t be afraid to take advantage of some coupons, discounts and deals (multiple times).

A Day in the Life of Cerebral Dad – The Morning Routine

Let’s count it down from the beginning (true story):

5:53 am – 1 year old daughter is awake and screaming 4 year old son’s name. Father pretends not to hear her – proceeds to play a video game on his phone.

6:01 am – Father pries out of bed to intercept happy yet boisterous 1 year old.

6:03 am –  Father changes diaper of daughter who thinks the changing table is a gymnastics apparatus from the 70’s

6:07 am – Failed attempt at waking a (clearly awake) 4 year old.

(T-minus 1 hour until departure time)

6:26 am – debate with son over the proper breakfast food.

6:27 am – cave to 4 year old’s idea to stopping at the neighborhood bakery before school (never again – until tomorrow)

6:30 am – Ask 4 year old to put on his shoes. 1 year old gets EVERYONES shoes.

6:32 am – repeat yourself – twice.

6:35 am – 4 year old is hungry, asking for food barefooted. 1 year old is sitting by the door with her shoes in her hand, trying to put them on -then pretending they are gloves.

6:42 am – Son’s lunch is packed. Son is laying on the floor without shoes. 1 year old “kindly” reminds him by placing them “gently” on his face.

6:56 am – 4 year old finally stops crying

(T-minus 10 minutes until scheduled departure)

7:00 am – 4 year old has one shoe on, while lobbying to bring every toy in existence to school. Father says “yes” as a clever distraction to get the other shoe on. Success!

7:07 am – 4 year old, realizing he’s been duped, falls on the floor in a fit of defeat. 1 year old by the door (trying to turn the knob) rolls her eyes at the 4 year old.

(Departure time delayed)

7:10 am – Both kids are finally out of the door. 4 year old(perfectly fine) asks the Father (who has CP) if he can be carried because his legs hurt. 1 year old is at the car trying to open their respective car doors for the Father and brother.

7:13 am  – Father sighs a breath of relief as both kids are secure in the car. Father closes the last car door.

7:15 am – Father’s eyes open from a deep breath as he relishes in his alone time, the few steps it takes to get to the Drivers seat.

7:16 am – The morning’s silence is disrupted as the door cracks open to two kids arguing over a stuffed animal that was left in the car the night before.

7:20 am – Both kids are miraculously silenced (censored). The father puts the car in gear and drives off…


To be continued…

The Genesis of Cerebral Dad

It was a dark and stormy night… OK, we don’t have to go that far back.

What got me in to Tinkering? Home ownership. Even the RC stuff? Yup!

Wait a minute?!?

OK, let me explain. When we bought a house, we knew there would be work that needed to be done, but when we researched actually getting it done – there was no way we could afford anything. The only thing we could afford was the cost of materials. It was depressing.

Even though I was scared I tried doing the work myself. It actually wasn’t that hard and as an added bonus; nothing blew up. That was a boost to confidence.

Then, I’ve always been interested in RC (anything). Buying models was always out of the question because of the price and all the risks involved. I then polled on my new instinct and started to think of the easiest way to build and fly my own.

The real tinkering came about when I wanted to fly my plane as a “First Person Pilot” later to be known as FPV. Here is one of my first Youtube videos:

I was already proficient at coding, but now I could “make things work!” And I was hooked.

You can see more of my videos on my Youtube channel.

IMG_1147I was so addicted to learning that I began learning so much, I soon had the knowledge to create my own circuit boards that did anything I wanted them to do. (This one connects to Bluetooth).

So in an effort to save money I started learning the things that I thought I needed to, to get what I wanted and needed done.

I have yet to learn how to make money… any help in that regard is much appreciated.

To be continued…