The Cerebral Dad Show: The Genesis of Cerebral Dad – Episode 1

Thank you for listening The Cerebral Dad Show! I hope you enjoyed my first episode. I talked about what makes me “Cerebral Dad.” A couple of projects in the pipeline, like “The Robot,” the Dragonfly and possibly a beer project…. Continue Reading →

Cerebral Dad is on Patreon

Thank you all for all the support. I was able to meet my “propane goal” last month on Patreon! I was able to refill both propane tanks, and fire up the grill once more, Thank you. I’ve reset the goal,… Continue Reading →

Building a Robot – Assembling a Wish List

After sourcing the motors from eBay, I started to think about the basic features “The Robot” will have, and quickly started to make up a wish list of parts. The featured image above is only inspiration for my own design,… Continue Reading →

BMW supporting 2016 US Olympic Swim Team with Technology Upgrade

BMW sensors and software developed for automotive functions are now helping the US Olympic Swim Team by analyzing their startup and turning underwater, a critical aspect of the competition measured in hundredths of a second. Back in 2012 – BMW,… Continue Reading →

Tinkering – The Micro Tricopter

About a year ago I was looking to get a micro¬†tricopter to fly in the yard. I dont have much space to fly so I needed something small and agile. Tricopters are known for agility, but Micro tricopters weren’t yet… Continue Reading →

The sky’s the limit!

I wish… A question was posed on Cerebral Dad’s Facebook Page, “What you would build if you had the time¬†and money?” – to which my first thought was a long vacation, but that’s not what he was talking about. However,… Continue Reading →

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