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London Broil

Preparing┬áLondon Broil is less about the seasoning and more about the cooking process and service prep. London Broil is a really tough meat and it can stay tough throughout the cooking process. If you don’t like your meat’s internal temperature… Continue Reading →

Lake House Ribs

A few weeks ago the family went up visit my uncle on the lake. One night he cooked these amazing ribs that I now call “Lake House Ribs.” He and I both have similar cooking styles, where you add a… Continue Reading →

Sweet BBQ Loin Chops and Zesty Zucchini

Loin chops are absolutely delicious! This evening, I took it up a notch with my off-the-cuff sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.   Sweet BBQ Sauce: Salt Pepper Brown Sugar Chili Powder Cayenne Pepper Soy Sauce Worcestershire Sauce Sesame Oil Red… Continue Reading →

Poor man’s clam sauce

I say poor man’s clam sauce only because there are a few more expensive ingredients missing- I’ll list everything below but if it says (optional) and it happens to be pay week; go for it! Clam sauce: Whole Stick of… Continue Reading →

Cerebral Dad partners with Blue Apron!

What an exciting and unexpected announcement! My very first partnership! Cerebral Dad has partnered with Blue Apron. Their mission is “to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.” They are also a great source to find the hard-to-find ingredients you… Continue Reading →

Blackened Catfish with Pinapple Mango Salsa

Catfish is probably the┬ábest grilling fish you can buy – second only to Salmon in my opinion. To prepare the catfish for the grill, you’re going to want to pat it down with a dry paper towel to get any… Continue Reading →

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